3D Street Art F.A.Q

What is 3D Street Art or 3D Painting?

3D Street Art is the form of anamorphic art by which 2-Dimensional painting when seen from particular view point appears to be 3-Dimensional. Although this art form is new to most countries like India, it has a long tradition in Europe and is thought to have originated in Italy during the 16th century.

For what purposes can 3D art be used?

Currently we are doing 3D street art as a hobby and our motive is to take it to the people. In the western countries, 3D art is also used for commercial advertising where artists make theme based arts for promotion of products and brands. Famous brands to have used 3D street art for promotion are Reebok, Microsoft, movies like Life of Pi and many many more. These days 3D art is also used for Interior/Exterior decorations of walls, floors etc.

How do you make 3D Art?

These paintings are made on floor or paper using chalk pastels. It takes around 10-20 hours to complete one painting depending on the size and complexity. The process of making a 3D painting is very interesting where artist sets the camera or lens at particular view point and then goes on creating the painting by viewing it from time to time to get the exact 3D view. These paintings when seen from above appear distorted but when seen from a particular view point, appear to be real 3-Dimensional.

How did you come to know about 3D Art?

We got the motivation for 3D art when Chetan visited USA last year where he saw 3D street art at the roadside. He was amazed. Since then, he has been pursuing the art and has done a lot for research over the internet and also got in touch with famous 3D artists like Tracy Lee Stum, Julian Beever and others.

Can 3D Street Art be preserved?

Unfortunately, 3D street art has a very small lifespan. These paintings are generally made of chalk pastels and hence cannot be preserved for long. Here we have made them on paper so that we can move and display them but if we make it directly on rough floor, it’s there just for a couple of days.

What next?

Today, very few people in India know about 3D street art. We want to take this art to the people and would like to see more and more artists from India doing 3D street art. There are lot of international 3D Art festivals happening across the world. We wish some of the artists from India could also make their mark.

Do you teach how to make 3D Street Art?

We have recently started making 3D Art. After practicing it for almost a year, we have now gone public. It takes time to understand the geometry and technique of making 3D Art. Currently, there are no workshops or such kinds of things for teaching 3D art but if people are interested we will definitely look forward to teach them. Interested people can write to us at 3dstreetartindia@gmail.com

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